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The architecture, the hills, the neighborhoods and the cafes are all exquisitely charming. And if you are ever exploring near Fisherman’s Wharf, one of the best examples is the city landmark known as the Buena Vista. A must stop for their famous Irish Coffee and clam chowder, it also has the classiest employee uniforms I have seen in a long time. Walking into the Buena Vista patrons immediately feel a warm welcome. With the dark wood, stained glass, and panoramic views of the harbor the scene is picturesque to say the least. Opened in 1952 by restaurateur Jack Koeppler and international travel writer Stanton, one of their many goals was to recreate the Irish Coffee. With the help of the Mayor of San Francisco, who happened to own a dairy farm, they realized that when the cream was aged for 48 hours, it was prone to remaining on the surface of the drink. Thus, the perfect Irish Coffee was born. The Buena Vista now serves up to 2000 of these per day, many of which are made by bartender Larry Nolan, who has worked at here for 40 years. And as one can expect for any operation spanning almost half a century, much has changed to the area, despite the venue seemingly locked in time in a very good way. The two most notable examples of this consistency are of course their signature drink and the debonair threads these coffee mixologists have been sporting since the 50s. Being in the fashion industry for the last 20 years, these uniforms had me drooling as much if not more than the delectable offerings. The bartenders are dressed like perfect gentlemen wrapped in 1920s inspired crisp white shawl collar, one-button dinner jackets, black ties and slim black dress pants. And all components are perfectly tailored, allowing them to be comfortable while libations are served. The servers are then draped in traditional waistcoats. A look which complements the bartender uniform perfectly and adds even more value to this historic and classic experience. Rudyard Kipling said, “San Francisco has only one drawback–’tis hard to leave.” I shared the same sentiment in regards to Buena Vista. The service, the menu and the aesthetics (both inside and out) are simply superb. It’s a place you could get lost in hours of conversation while enjoying a true San Franciscan experience.