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Congratulations, you not only made it to this country, but you found your way to my venue of all places. You weren’t kidnapped and brought here … you didn’t teleport here … you planned a trip and chose to come here … and with that you undoubtedly did a little research and learned enough of the language to find your way around. With this, you surely learned that our service industry economy is based on tips (and if you didn’t, you still see EVERYONE around you tipping and a tip line on your credit card receipt). These aren’t suggestions or thank yous, we literally get paid lower hourly wages because the government assumes we get tipped. This means that when you don’t tip it actually costs us money, which isn’t how the whole “go to work” thing is supposed to play out. Not saying we are the best tourists when we visit you … but just because you deal with droves of pasty heffers squeezed into jean shorts every summer does not mean you are allowed to screw up my livelihood. Bottom line … we know that you know you are supposed to tip. Stop playing dumb. If you can’t afford the tip then you can’t afford the drink. And yes, your second round will be a little bit weaker if you refuse to comply.