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This cover was obviously a little different. But while the connotations were edgy they were far from forced, as the implications are more than valid. We actually had this shot in mind for a while, really before the story was even written. In some ways this image may have even been helped inspire the direction of the piece.

To bring it to life we enlisted the help of photographer Eric Beattie, who is also a server at Hyde Bellagio.

“We shot using natural light and a reflector. We made it simple by just shooting from above the floor using a tripod and framed the camera to showcase the material being presented,” said Eric.

This type of shot was perfect for Beattie. Dealing a lot with landscapes, his style attracts the boldness of still life, mixing soft colors with vibrant outcomes.

Originally educated in digital media and advertising, he picked up photography as a way to further supplement his work as a graphic designer. Now with photography more of his focus, the roles are reversed.

But like all good artists, he doesn’t get too caught up in defining his medium.

“I try to learn something new everyday.”

As far as a job in nightlife, he considers it the perfect supplement for new projects. Whether it’s the venue, other people in the industry or the revolving stream of guests, being constantly engaged with different groups r4’;,’allow him to continually be exposed to new opportunities and projects.

But to Eric the art is it’s own reward. A necessary outlet to help deal with whatever else is going on. “It’s just nice to be able to express my thoughts and ideas while exploring the different avenues life throws my direction. And if other people like it or get inspired to take their own creative journey, even better.”