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Like many staples in our food supply, soda has quite simply lost its way.

In the early 1800s the popularity of carbonated mineral water exploded, which led to pharmacists adding medicinal and other flavorful herbs & spices to it as a means to, well, spice it up. In its most rudimentary form, this was the advent of the soda industry.

Like most things from the past, there seems to have been a bit of magic in the process behind making a soda syrup. It was a craft worthy of mastery by the pharmaceutical wizards of a time past.

When compared to our modern day soda industry, however, the differences between the two are staggering. What was once a syrup made with real sugar, now finds its foundation in artificial sweeteners (which actually make you more fat). Those medicinal herbs and spices we just mentioned? Now also artificial via various numbered flavors and colors.

How could we bring the magic back to an industry that is now dominated by the biggest companies in the world? 

Let’s face it, they kinda have the market cornered.Our personal solution was to first,  put only real food into our product.

Sounds obvious … but you’d be surprised how rare it is.

The process is simple. We take raw organic cane sugar and combine it with distilled water to create the syrups. Next we infuse the flavor of hand-crushed spice blends made from organic and locally sourced herbs and spices.

The spice blends are a result of our research on historical soda recipes combined with our own personal preferences on flavor. We also take into account the medicinal properties of all the herbs and spices that we use. After all, back in the day if little Tommy had an upset stomach his mother would have taken him to the pharmacist who would have given him a little cola or ginger ale syrup to drink. Sounds crazy, right?

Not if you look at what syrups were made with back then. REAL herbs and spices are natural digestives and that’s what we wanted to get back to … because real food doesn’t just taste better, it’s better for you.

The next thing we do is put the power back in the hands of the consumer. We did this by packaging our product as a syrup instead of a soda. This gives consumers control of the amount of flavor (and calories) that goes into their beverage. A 1 to 10 syrup to seltzer ratio is what we recommend, but it might be different for you. Even a healthy dose will yield less than half the calories and sugar of modern day sodas.

And the best part for bar and restaurant workers is that this delivery method also lends itself to being the ultimate natural cocktail ingredient. Far from some ancillary benefit, as a career bartender prior to starting DMG, this was always one of my primary intentions. We figured you should still be able to be healthy while punishing your liver (wink, wink).

When it comes down to it, making good soda isn’t rocket science … in fact, that is exactly what it shouldn’t look like. It’s real ingredients, pure water and for us, allowing people to dictate their portions.

We may not be taking down Coca-Cola or Pepsi anytime soon – but we are making our presence known. And please remember that everyone plays a role with their daily purchasing decisions.