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If there is one thing that bar and restaurant operators are not generally known for… it’s tech. This is nothing to get embarrassed by, we are by and large a proud blue collar bunch. We learn by doing and love our jobs for the exact reason that they don’t require us to spend hours a day sitting at a computer.

But while few among us have qualms about this state of affairs, that doesn’t change the fact that we are in an information age where the rules of marketing and business are changing rapidly. And for almost all venues a digital presence is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Enter Mopro.

Born from a successful video production company headed by Mopro founder and CEO Cary Levine, they knew first hand what was needed to be successful.

“We were working with some of the biggest companies in the world and realized that there were specific services we were providing to all of them. Our goal is to democratize these tools by making them affordable for small businesses.” 

And while Mopro as a business is not confined to the service industry, bars and restaurants are where they found one of their first footholds … as the social nature of these operations intrinsically ties them to the connectivity and interaction that occurs online.

But despite the obvious importance, operators have rarely been able to execute successful digital strategies on their own, leaving their online identity to chance.

And who can blame them?

Managers and owners wear too many hats as it is … leaving little room for the headband that is taking out the trash, let alone the ten gallon variety needed to represent web development and video production (note that video is

definitively proving itself to be the key to online traction, with users 27 times more likely to engage in some cases according to  This led Cary and his team to discover their new passion, helping companies build their business online. This all-inclusive process includes an HD photo shoot, the filming of a documentary style video, the creation of a beautiful html5 website and the use of the Mopro “dashboard”, which allows you to control literally every aspect of your digital operation and is constantly expanding.

And with the inclusion of options like online ordering and automated promotions, many of these tools are geared specifically toward bar and restaurant operators.

Oh, and we left out one key point … they offer all this for a mere fraction of the alternatives. They are simply good at what they do and love small business (as they started the same way). So instead of driving up their own profits they pass the savings along …

For an industry whose patrons live online, MoPro gives every operation the option to fully optimize their digital identity. And not only will it not break the bank, it could very well do the exact opposite.

To learn more and get the BAR reader discount,contact Mopro directly by clicking here.