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We work in an industry where immediate gratification is the norm. From the employees who are paid in tips to the VIPs expecting to be treated like royalty, this is what brings people to our place of business. They want to feel good and are often willing to compromise their better judgment to get it, even it means leveraging their most personal assets.

Which brings us to the main focus of our industry … sex. It’s what brings people in the venue, gets them to spend more money than planned, and leaves them wanting more. In a scene where jobs are based on looks, appearance and perception become important.  When we are hired for our sex appeal, we learn to use it and it carries over into our dating lives.

It’s hard for people to stay faithful in this environment, both to themselves and to others.  Values, integrity, and character are compromised when we allow the materialism of our industry to consume us.  We know that there is more to life and relationships, but it is difficult to avoid getting jaded.

This is especially in the bigger cities like NY, LA and Vegas. People’s fantasies are the reality we experience every day, with opportunities that would never be presented anywhere else, both good and bad.

It’s easy to get caught up in appealing situations, often leading to relationships with coworkers and guests. But once the relationship is established behaviors and lifestyles are expected to change, which isn’t quite as simple.

The continuous stimulation of our environment often blurs lines between right and wrong to the point that it is hard to tell when they’ve been crossed.

You then have to ask yourself where does fantasy collide with reality?

I’m not saying relationships in the industry don’t work. I have seen them work and met some truly amazing people. I truly believe we attract what we put out there.

I hear so many men and women complaining that there isn’t anyone good to date in this city. To them I say look at where you are spending your time.  Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are you constantly in “the scene”? Are you the amazing person you need to be to attract that amazing other?

I’ve met plenty of princes in this fairytale town.