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one thing we are often asked about here at the magazine is our “voice”. We obviously do things our own way and that seems to throw people off.

Are you insiders? Are you mainstream? Are you indie? What are you? To this I offer the following insights.

If you are a big brand and you are doing something interesting, people want to hear about it. If you are a virtual unknown and you are doing something interesting, people want to hear about it. It’s as simple as that. From avant-garde to celebrities anecdotes to the everyday employees, if you have an insight to share or are doing something cool we want to tell the story.

On that note we are pleased to announce that we will begin featuring an artist from within the industry each issue, both via the creation of our cover and in a new column called the The Other Cover Piece. Starting with photographer and server Eric Beattie, we will tell their story as well as get their take on the overlap between the service industry and the arts.

As long as the term has existed the “struggling artist” has always found a welcome home in the service industry. The flexible schedule allows them to fulfill their creative pursuits, while the wages are able to support passions that often cost more than they bring in.

This magazine is actually a perfect example, as its beginnings were undoubtedly rooted in the crumpled one dollar bills of bar patrons (hopefully there were a few fives in there too).

And thus you have the basis for the enduring relationship that has always existed between the service industry and the arts. Not to mention one of the reasons our community is filled with so many interesting people.

Pictures tell a thousand words … we’ll give you about half that while promoting a new industry artist each issue.

If you or someone you know would like to participate please do not hesitate to 

send us a shout.

William Fanning