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Nightclub security expert Robert Smith shares 5 of the craziest stories he has ever encountered …

From my first consulting project back in 1998 things have never been “normal”.  In no certain order, here are just 5 of the craziest stories I’ve encountered.
1. A few years ago I was retained by a bar in California to train their 17 bouncers.  I began my training with opening remarks about a new law that was going into effect the next year.  Part of that new law required all guards to pass a full criminal background check to keep their jobs.  After a 10 minute break, only 9 guards returned.  They explained to me that the 8 guards that left knew they couldn’t pass the background check.  It seems that two were on felony probation, three had several violent felony convictions and three had several outstanding warrants. Moral of the story … know your staff.