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Eat Drink & Be Merry: The Golden State of Cocktails / 

Best Bar In the World: The Jolly Tinker /

How Did We Live Without It?: The Grippit /

Getting to Know Your… Nightlife Mogul: Cy Waits /

The Emily Post: A Guide to Modern Dining /

The Annual Beer Review: Good Beer Hunting’s Michael Kiser tells us why acids are all the rage /

Fitz Pics: Warner Brothers Analyst Daniel Fitzgibbons gives us the rundown of the all-time hottest TV servers /

The Regular Profile: Dave Oancea /

Fancy Bartender Corner: Jeffrey Morgenthaler /

A Perfect Bottle: The brand for bartenders designs an alcohol bottle that is a tool more than container /

Big  Kid Jobs: Festival Culinary Director, Jolene Mannina /

Where Food Meets Alcohol with “Famous” Dave Anderson /

Inside the Chef’s Studio: Michael Chen /

Ben Vaughn likes cured meat /

Uniform Check: Designer Spencer Hill takes a look at the anti-uniforms of The Tasting Kitchen