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As a publication that does things a little differently, we will often use this prologue to elaborate on some of our more unique columns. In this issue you will find the first installment of The Annual, which will provide a yearly review of a different topic each issue, including subjects such as foodies, nightclubs, wine and spirits just to name a few.

To create these articles we will be partnering with a number of awesome organizations, each of whom are the authority in their particular field. The goal is to have them to provide a layperson’s overview that all of our readers can enjoy, with those who want to learn more able to go directly to the partner for more in depth information.

We are pretty excited about this, not only because we will be giving our readers awesome summaries of topics they might not otherwise have been exposed to, but also the community that is forming between us and other like minded organizations.

We are starting things off with our annual beer review. For this we brought in Chicagoan Michael Kiser, the creator of Good Beer Hunting. Michael is not an expert in all things beer, but has a way of approaching the topic that is quite frankly … cool.  With a great website and the use of beautiful photography to compliment his writing, we knew he would be the perfect fit for us. Hopefully you agree.

So enjoy the article  and be sure to visit both and all the partners featured in the The Annual.

William Fanning